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Hello everyone,

Welcome to, a division of We've been providing quality downloads for The Sims since 2000. We are still here to provide quality downloads, but under a new platform for The Sims 2.

SimFreaks goal is to provide both a place for quality artwork, as well as supporting an artist's right to work.

We hope you'll enjoy the experience of Sims 2, just as much as you did Sims 1. However, due to the changes in platform, we have changed platform as well.

The content offered at is on a point system that enables us to reduce the individual cost of items.


To join SimFreaks, simply click the join button on the front page. No payment is required to join the site, you merely fill out the registration to become a site member.You will need to be a registered member to download freebies and point items.

If you wish to acquire points at this time, you may or you can add points to your account by visiting the My Accounts page from the front page of the site.

As a registered member, you will be able to set your preferences to receive newletters. Should an item be recalled, you will be notified at your registered email of the update, whether or not you are a newsletter subscriber. You will be able to redownload previously purchased items anytime at no additional expense.

Your personal information and email will not be shared with any companies, individuals or annoying mailing lists.

Point System:

Upon your registration, you will be able to purchase points for your account in blocks. The larger the amount of points, the larger the savings. Recurring subscribers will be able to accumulate points, so they may use their points anytime, as long as they login at least once every 6 months. If a recurring account is cancelled, the accumulated points will still be available.

When downloading an item, the account point information is listed at the top of the page. The items point cost is listed above the download button. When downloading an item, the point(s) will be subtracted from the account. If their are not enough points, the points number will appear in red. Members will be able to add points to their accounts at any time through the My Accounts page available from the front page of the site.

Subscription System:

The subscription system is a once a month rotation of older content at bargain bin prices. This flat fee option will open access to older content on the site for much less than point price.

Purchasing Via PayPal:

In order to points, you will need a PayPal account. PayPal handles all the billing for SimFreaks. Guard your PayPal accounts carefully and be sure that your password is unique to the PayPal site to protect your information. Do not share that information with anyone. If you do not have PayPal at this time, the services just won't be available.

Content Management:

Unwanted content will be moved off the site after a period of no less that 6 months. The removal of useless items helps free up storage space and save costs. This is to help serve both us and you. By the removal of unwanted items, we can avoid the mass amounts of filing through unwanted content.

Thank you for your continued support and we'll see you in the forum!

Heather Castillo